Our Recovery Hubs

A recovery centre is about feeling sociable and fitting in, and having a stake in the place where you come to get well. It’s a place where you would want to bring your loved ones, a place that reduces the shame and stigma you may feel, and it’s a place that you would want to spend time working in. It’s a place where the energy and sense of hope pervades the whole environment and atmosphere. But most of all, it’s a place where you will be welcomed by people just like you.

Halifax Recovery Hub


Basement House, The Basement Recovery Project’s (and for many in recovery) Head Office, first and foremost represents a safe, welcoming and dignified environment. Those who have already come through the doors speak of a calmness, a sense of belonging and a sense of ownership – all the things that promote and support a person’s recovery from addiction.  See what people in recovery did for the transformation of the building. Imagine how they could help you transform your life.

The transformation of our Halifax Recovery Hub – Basement House

If you are interested in hiring one of our rooms or community space for meetings / events please contact us for more information.

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Huddersfield Recovery Hub

Dewsbury Recovery Hub


We have continued our efforts of helping the people of Kirklees who suffer with drug and alcohol issues.  Union House is our local recovery hub in Dewsbury.  In addition to offering a breakfast club and our full recovery programme services, Union House has space available for local community projects and businesses to host a number of activities.  These may include:

  • Business lunches
  • One-off meetings
  • Fellowship meetings
  • Alternative therapies
  • Yoga or pilates classes
  • Coffee groups
  • Social gatherings

Bringing together the resources of public, private and third sector organisations that are available to support the community.

Building Collaborative Communities

Union House is about community cohesion and development. Based on our successful hub ‘Basement House’ in Halifax, our Dewsbury location promises to bring community resources, individuals and businesses closer together, helping not just our citizens, but the community as a whole.

If you are starting a new community group or running out of space for an existing one why not hold it at Union House?

  • Open 7 days a week up to 11pm
  • Available to the whole community
  • Affordable prices or even Free

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life’s about creating yourself.”