If drinking is interfering with your work,
you are probably a heavy drinker.

If your work is interfering with your drinking,
you are probably an alcoholic.

We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves
to others that in the end we become disguised
to ourselves.

Addiction is addiction, and not to be flung
out of the window by any man, but coaxed
downstairs a step at a time.

Fear will hold you prisoner,
truth will set you free.

If you want things to be different, perhaps
the answer is to become different yourself.

Treat your mind like a bad neighbourhood -
do not go there alone.

Anything not attempted remains impossible.

Ultimately we know deeply that the other
side of every fear is a freedom.

Many of lifes failures occur when people give
up without realising how close they are to

Insanity: - doing the same things over and over
again and expecting different results.

The chains of addiction are generally too small
to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.

Let us not look back in anger or forward in
fear, but around us in awareness.

Addiction Recovery Services

The Basement Recovery Project is an award-winning, community-based organisation built on the expertise of lived experience.  We operate throughout Calderdale to offer those in addiction to alcohol or drugs a new way of life, free from the need or desire to use any mood-altering substance; we call this RECOVERY.

Our Recovery Hubs

A Choice of Freedom

Freedom House is a comfortable home on the outskirts of Halifax…

Support from our Councilors

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Me, Me, Me! – A Personal Story

I’ve been to a fair few AA meetings now. One of the most challenging concepts I’ve had to embrace is that I am no different to anyone else in recovery. I am an alcoholic. I am just an alcoholic. From the age of three years old, I’ve had a number of psychiatric diagnoses, ranging from childhood psychosis, ADHD and bipolar disorder. I was therefore brought up ’different’ and have only known myself as being different. I was an intelligent child, yet I had a true inability to get along with my peers – a very low emotional IQ. My mood was either ecstatic or depressed. There was never an in-between. When someone first insinuated that I had ‘terminal uniqueness’ shining out of me, I was horrified. I was angry.

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Our Recovery Timetable can be found on Calderdale in Recovery, or downloaded here in PDF format:

What people have to say about The Basement Recovery Project

Because of what I have learned through counselling, groups, meetings and the pre-recovery programme I know my life is going to change in a massive way.

I feel great! The old me is back. Life is good and I’m really enjoying myself.

Massive thanks to both Recovery Steps and the Basement Recovery Project, not just from me but my family too. You have given them their dad and Kev back.

Picture of Kev for his addiction recovery story for The Basement Halifax and Calderdale Recovery Steps

I am a different person altogether. I’m that person I was trying to be all those years ago.

If it wasn’t for The Basement Project I would still be at home, lying on the couch, out of my head on heroin.

Mentally I feel fantastic, never better. I don’t have any anxiety attacks or fear of not drinking again.

It’s thanks to TBRP and the Recovery Programme that has allowed me to make more sense of the nature of my addiction and how it has affected my whole life. After eighteen years of drinking, I’ve not had a drop since.

I can’t believe my life today. All that was promised to me by my key worker has come true.

This detox house has been a sanctuary for me, a life-line to get back my focus and direction.

I feel there is a purpose in life again and I’m happily enjoying it. It has much more meaning now.

90% of my friends are in recovery and I recently held the most sober wedding reception you will ever see.

I am the happiest I have ever been and more importantly, I have the ability to handle the bad times, which, previously, I couldn’t. I have peace and good balance. I have a good relationship with everyone in my life.

After talking to people at the Basement, I felt they knew more about me in five minutes than my councellor did after 12 months.

I have a future to live for, and I embrace it every day. I am currently on an Access course at college hoping to attain A ‘Levels that will get me to university where I’m hoping to do a degree course in criminology.

I’m alive, clean, in recovery and being a proper dad to my kids as well as working towards a better life.

I’ve not seen anything like this, they do incredibly important work and make a huge contribution to the community here in Halifax.

I think what they do here could serve as a role model for other organisations around the country.

Shadow Justice Minister Visits Halifax's Basement Project